Ankle-biting Little Rascals From Maine Are in the House

Remember when Governor LePage and the Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner passed the buck on the tragic death of Marissa Kennedy back in March? I wrote a column about it and said a tragedy on top of the tragedy was that the Maine GOP Brat Pack who orchestrated the starvation of public health programs and designed the slashing of the social safety net was taking their show on the road. 

Here is testimony of Mr. Sam Adolphsen, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability, presented to the Subcommittee on Healthcare, Benefits, and Administrative Rules this week in Washington. The subcommittee is an arm of the larger oversight panel that has a mission and commitment to expose waste, fraud, and abuse in the name of good government.

Isn't the alleged expertise of and "research" by the FGA a fraud? The irony is rich.