How I Tried to Lure Jessie Lacey to My Office

First Jessie Lacey wrote her story.

Then Bill Nemitz wrote a column about it -- and I shared Bill's column on Facebook -- saying it was a good column and that "the post Jessie Lacey published was lame."

Lacey and several others were shocked and deeply disappointed about what I said, they said. They flooded my Facebook Page and other social media with expressions of indignation. It appeared they wanted to know why I said the post Lacey published was lame.

Then Jessie Lacey posted a comment on my Facebook Page, so I sent Lacey a message on Facebook.

My message said: "Hi, Jessie. I would love to speak with you about your post. (I said it was "lame" meaning "weak" as a critic of the piece, not you personally btw) Would you be willing to chat by phone or in person sometime? Thanks. Cynthia"

Lacey wrote in response:  "I would. I would like in person because I am a little deaf on the phone and I am always up for coffee. You said the post I published was lame, so I am a little confused. It also doesn't explain your tweet in wish you allude, although less clearly, that the allegations were "sort of fake". I would really like to hear an explanation. I am a very easy person to get along with and talk to. What did you mean when you tweeted the #metoo situation I wrote about was "sort of fake"?

Me: "Where shall we meet? You are welcome to come to my office in downtown Portland or we can meet for coffee?"

Lacey: "My lawyer has advised me that I should not meet with you unless she is present."

Me: "Who is your lawyer? If he/she is somebody I know maybe we can al (sic) meet? Or she can call me. 207-***-****"

Later on I got an email from Attorney Laura White. The email said: "Cynthia, I represent Jessie Lacey. Please do not contact my client directly and ensure that any communications come through me. Thanks."

I wrote back: "It was Jessie Lacey who first commented on my Facebook Page, Laura, as you know since you commented there, too. I wanted to ask her about the so-called legal document that she signed upon her termination from MMC and see a copy of it, and also speak with her directly about the experience. I'm not sure if I am going to write a column about it or not."

Attorney White wrote: "My point was simply that as a Maine licensed attorney you are ethically precluded from contacting an individual who is represented, and to let you know that she is."

Me: "Okay. What about the agreement? Can I see it? Does Jessie wish to speak with me?"

Attorney White: "No and no. "

Me: "Okay, but don't complain if your perspective is missing."

Then I wrote a column about why I think the post Jessie Lacey published is lame. It has to do with white privilege and the election of Donald Trump. In my column I encourage Lacey to develop her story and make it stronger. I advised Lacey to use her mind and experience to change the world.

Then, on her Facebook Page, Jessie Lacey wrote:

"Cynthia Dill is disgusting. She has called me “lame”, and my allegations “sort of fake”. She then tried to lure me to her office with no explanation in order to extract information for her hit piece. I never went because she refused to explain her words. I can safely say she is part of the problem..."