What's a chick to do? Kirk Minihane thinks he likes me.

Kirk Minihane is just like me — old, sometimes pretty funny and often misunderstood except that Minihane’s podcast is on Barstool Sports and he has fans and I don’t because I am a woman. If I want fans I need to be a chick and it wouldn’t hurt to wear a hypersexualized submissive woman t-shirt.

It’s tempting.

Today Minihane talked about me on his show after listening to clips of an interview I did with his producer. He’s amazed I was able to go through life not knowing who he is and frankly so am I. He says I’m crazy, nuts — I don’t know anything — but then he said, “I think I like her.”

CHILLS, people!

Minihane has “minifans” suggesting an ideology centered around size and lots of people HATE him including Bob Murchison who sent me a detailed email following today’s Minihane show after my name was dropped with evidence of Minihane’s badness and boorishness but my 4-star horoscope today is haunting.

“Embrace what’s coming. What appears to be something you don’t want will turn into an opportunity and a chance to advance.”