Sit back, program in hand, to watch hottest show in Maine – the Republican primary race

All the world’s a stage, even Maine.

Wondering what the biggest political drama will be in 2018? Marijuana? MaineCare expansion? Ranked-choice voting? No. These are big issues but not the biggest. The Oscar nominations for political drama will, of course, have nothing to do with public policy but rather with celebrity and personality. The big political story of 2018 will be elections. Who wins, who loses and all the salacious details that now accompany every topic in the public discourse.

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Holiday wishes range from easier-to-open packages to warmer spirit

The hardest thing to open may be a closed mind, but a half-gallon of orange juice from Whole Foods is a close second. This Christmas Eve, at the top of my wish list is an antidote for “wrap rage,” the increasingly familiar phenomenon of heightened levels of anger and frustration resulting from the inability to open packaging. Clamshells are for clams! Nobody should need a weapon to open a Christmas present or their anti-anxiety medicine.

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While many grow less merry, Trump brings tidings of great joy for just a few

Christians today light the candle of love in celebration of the second week of Advent, a season of getting ready for Christmas. Each Sunday for the four weeks preceding Dec. 25, purple candles symbolizing hope, love, joy and peace are lit and special prayers said in anticipation of receiving the most sacred of gifts. This year, that gift is a tax cut for fat cats.

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